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We create business solutions
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We trust in the power of innovation and are committed to delivering high-quality solutions. We believe that the go-to-market time for new business applications can be significantly shorter and that this process can be much more efficient.
We deliver future-proof business solutions that work.

Customer stories
Our team
Friso Nijboer [SEP] Principal Technical Business Engineer
After graduating in Computer Science at the university in Nijmegen, I decided to take a total other direction. Becoming grandmaster, playing in World Cups from Khanty Mansiysk to Las Vegas. Participating many times for the Dutch Olympic team and becoming European champion with them. In 2012 I thought it was a smart move to join Finaps, where I now am happily working for 10 years. It is nice to have a lot of different projects, with a totally different scope and set of problems as well as having colleagues who are all rather unique.
Rochus Meijer [SEP] Principal Business Engineer / Team Lead
IT has always interested me. I have Bachelor's degree in Media Studies and a Master's degree in Information Studies, both of which I've acquired at the University of Amsterdam. During this period I became interested in Usability and Human Computer Interaction, which makes me more of a "Social Application Developer". I joined Finaps early 2012 and since then I've worked on a number of different projects for different clients. The professional, yet relaxing atmosphere triggers me to get the most out of myself and my coworkers. I like to create challenging, user friendly applications that serve our client's needs both functionally and visually.
This could be you [SEP] This could be you
This could be you
Jeroen Kesteloo [SEP] Principal Business Engineer / Team Lead
Software allows us to make meaningful changes to existing processes. Being able to help organizations by developing new apps and kickstarting their IT landscape is what makes it so much fun for so many years. I get challenged on a daily basis by our complex client projects. But when working with smart and capable people, every complex challenge is possible and fun.
Simon Martyr [SEP] Principal Software Engineer
After finishing my degree in Computer Science as well as an internship at Nokia Siemens Networks within the UK, I looked to challenge myself in more ways than one. So in the summer of 2013 I moved to the Nederlands to be a part of Finaps. Finaps allows me to combine my knowledge of web technologies and programming within a fun and dynamic environment. Alongside other interesting colleagues who share common interests and are willing to help each other develop, each project and opportunity is a fun challenge that I enjoy being a part of.
Andrew Hagens [SEP] Chief Technology Officer
"You can only connect the dots looking backwards, not forward". This saying has permeated my life in very unexpected ways. I arrived in Europe in 2006 with the intention of becoming a Formula 1 car designer. Many dots later, and I now work as a software engineer at Finaps. It was my interests in system design and engineering that sparked my interest in computational systems. So, I can clearly state that I never saw these dots looking forward but understand them now looking backwards.
Ron Stoop [SEP] Senior Business Engineer
Ever since high school I was interested in solving (logistical) business problems and searching for the most optimal solution. The choice to go study Econometrics and Operations Research, wasn't therefore a hard one. I work for Finaps since May 2015 and knew quickly that I am at the right company to deploy my interests and skills. Every client is different and deserves an app that fully meets their expectations. This requires a great empathy with the client and a lot of flexibility from me and my colleagues. I like to face this challenge!
Thomas Poiesz [SEP] Solution Architect
At Finaps, I never feel bad about having to go to work. I am constantly challenged to learn and improve, both technically and professionally. The most important thing though, is that I can work with a team of people who share an interest in finding the best solutions for the problems we encounter and are great to hang out with. Never a boring day at the office!
Kevin Pennekamp [SEP] Principal Software Engineer / Team Lead
As a Software Engineer at Finaps I create business solutions from start to finish in a joyful environment. I strife to deliver business solutions that go beyond the wishes and expectations of the customer. By really understanding the problems of our customers, we can come up with new and innovative solutions. With the can-do mentality at Finaps I am positive we are able to deliver the highest quality business solution for any customer.
Tim Pijl [SEP] Principal Data Analytics Engineer / Team Lead
Studying Econometrics, I never thought I would end up at a software company. I joined Finaps in september 2017 and I have enjoyed every day since. I love to solve technical challenges where my knowledge and creativity are tested every day. Collaborating in small teams with different personalities and backgrounds is what drives me to create great software. My main focus is on developing applications that are highly data driven. These applications enable people to make better (business) decisions. Given not only one's expert knowledge, but all the information that is available in the data, one should be able to improve their decision-making process.
Wouter de Haan [SEP] Senior Software Engineer
As an intern and having worked part-time at Finaps for over three years, I had the opportunity and privilege to learn what it means to be a good developer. Without much experience to start out with, I've tried to learn as much as possible from the great people around me. But this knowledge needs to be put into action for it to mean anything. So, I'm very pleased that in my new role as Software Engineer I can put this into practice and learn even more!
Bram van der Linden [SEP] Senior Business Engineer / Team Lead
During my studies Industrial Engineering, I developed skills and knowledge in both process thinking and business modelling. Here, I quickly discovered an interest in courses that let us build our own applications to solve business problems. As a Business Engineer at Finaps, I get to create business solutions from start to finish in close collaboration with our clients. This allows me to get a thorough understanding of the core processes and needs. The agile way of working at Finaps also provides a very dynamic and joyful working atmosphere. It is great to work in such an inspiring and creative environment.
Tom Renkema [SEP] Senior Software Engineer
Growing up, I've always had an interest in a broad range of subjects. This led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence and a master's degree in Human-Machine Communication at the University of Groningen. During these degrees, I loved learning about very varied topics ranging from cognitive psychology to machine learning. It was fascinating to witness the rapid growth of artificial intelligence techniques to the large role that they play today. From the start, I noticed the great atmosphere at Finaps and that hasn't changed since. Collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds makes working here a great experience.
Martina van Slooten [SEP] Senior Business Engineer / Team Lead
During my study in Psychology I have been interested in the combination of human behaviour and technology. I find it interesting to see that technology can help us find regularities in human behaviour, from which we can better understand and even predict behaviour. As a Business Engineer at Finaps I have the possibility to further develop my technical skills in an energetic and motivated environment. The small agile teams help to develop these skills, because I can work on a project from beginning to end. I am very pleased to be working in such a friendly and inspiring company.
Huan Yang [SEP] Principal UX Designer
My mission in Finaps is to come up with simple and user-friendly digital solution so that the client's complex problem can be successfully solved. My speciality is to identify the user needs and wants by means of usability tests, interviews, focus groups and generative sessions and translate those insights to the best possible digital solutions. I'm a result driven person, like taking challenges at work and meeting new people. Knowing my design can help the clients and users is my biggest joy.
Conor Corey [SEP] Business Engineer
Every day our lives become more convenient as technology becomes more advanced, but we also become more and more dependent on these technologies. I found it frustrating that I did not know how anything really worked. So I decided to do something about it, and turned this frustration into curiosity by enrolling in an intensive full stack web development course. Now I have the opportunity to begin building an amazing new career with Finaps, where I will be able to further develop my skills. There is always time to learn how to do something new.
Robert Jones [SEP] Senior Software Engineer
While studying for my Master's degree in Statistics in University College Dublin, I was always amazed at what we can discover using a little bit of ingenuity. Developing solutions for their client's needs with a creative and collaborative approach, Finaps' philosophy of achieving ambitious goals really appealed to me. Their large collection of successful projects have had a definite and beneficial effect on a diverse range of people and organisations. It is my hope that I can play an important role on the next steps of their already impressive journey.
Niels Disveld [SEP] Software Engineer
As someone graduated in theoretical mathematics, I found it difficult to find a job that lets me apply the skills I had learned during my education. Finaps however, provides an environment that encourages us to play to our individual strengths instead of minimizing our weaknesses. Combine this philosophy with Finaps' diverse team of people with unique backgrounds and beautiful things are bound to happen!
Sander Meester [SEP] Senior Software Engineer
Even though I was interested in a wide array of fields, programming and solving problems is what I enjoyed the most. Finaps struck me as the place where I could expand my technical skills, and simultaneously grow as a person. Each project we strive to achieve the best possible result, while having a great time solving challenges together. Each member of the team has valuable knowledge in their field of expertise and is fun to work with, making for a great environment! I aim to keep improving myself through all the cool projects.
Dirk van Hezel [SEP] Senior Business Engineer
After finishing my bachelor's in Business Administration, I recently finished my master Transport & Supply management. During my master's I worked with quantitative software programs and got introduced to different programming languages. Solving challenging problems within these software programs got me excited and developed an interest in IT. This interest made me realize that I wanted a career in this fast-changing, and challenging environment. The opportunity to work for Finaps allows me to further develop my technical skills and be part of an amazing young and professional company.
Wouter Hoogland [SEP] Senior Business Engineer
My mentor at university believed that I must have hated myself. I always choose the most challenging projects in the most diverse fields of research. This has made me the allrounder I am today. Moreover, during the process, I've developed a passion for information analysis. Using logic to create understanding from complex matters is what appeared to make me happy. This skill is essential for both recognising customers' business requirements and constructing suitable (IT-) solutions to fit these requirements. I am looking forward to developing and deploying my skills at Finaps and to start working with the team on challenging projects.
Matthijs Dieperink [SEP] Data Analytics Engineer
Since high school I have been really interested in the big problems in Astronomy and Technology. Because of this I started the bachelor Physics & Astronomy. Besides the basic mathematics and physics courses, I learned about solving problems with multiple programming languages. During my Master I continued with this and started to get really interested in programming and everything related to it. After my master I focused on other sides of programming and found at Finaps what I missed during my study, something more tangible. I found my passion in creating something more Business oriented together with a team.
Niels Burbach [SEP] Software Engineer
Studying Mechanical Engineering I first got introduced into the world of software engineering by writing code for small robots. This immediately sparked my interest, so I took it upon myself to get better at it. After finishing my studies, I made the decision to become a Software Engineer. Working at Finaps I get the chance to develop myself even further, work on projects that matter and work with professionals that know what they are doing. The small team I work with, and the rest of Finaps, made sure I felt right at home.
Femke Madsen [SEP] Business Engineer
As a mathematician, I like to solve puzzles and complex problems. During my studies, I obtained a lot of problem-solving skills on abstract mathematical subjects. However, after graduating, I wanted to step out of the mathematical landscape and use my obtained skills on solving business problems. I was also curious about the world behind all the technology we use nowadays. At Finaps, I learn a lot about developing apps and new technologies and as a Business Engineer, I help solving challenging client problems.
Alexander Driessen [SEP] Business Development Engineer
I believe that we have only seen the beginning of what software will entail for us. During my studies I became aware of the philosophy and the possibilities of digital innovation. This convinced me to pursue a career within this field.

Finaps believes in the power of innovation and is always on the lookout for new and exciting solutions. Me and my colleagues are always challenged to find new opportunities and are enabled to explore them. It is due to this entrepreneurial spirit why I am thrilled to be part of the Finaps family.

Billy van Vliet [SEP] Marketing & Communications Officer
I have been in marketing for several years now. What do I like about Marketing? The funnels and the storytelling. From the Awareness phase to the Advocacy phase. A good funnel only works when the content is authentic and unique. It has to be Inbound. Helping instead of selling. Great storytelling is what it's all about nowadays. Creating the wow factor followed by proof and showing that you really know what you are talking about. I like writing but I also enjoy producing videos.
Lieke Kollen [SEP] Business Engineer
What I loved about my study Behavioural Economics is that it taught me to always challenge the existing beliefs. As a business engineer, I get to put this into practice every day by using ever evolving technology to create smart and lasting solutions for complex matters. Being able to bridge the gap between business and technology in Finaps' entrepreneurial and spirited environment can only mean that the best is yet to come!
Yara van Schaik [SEP] Business Engineer
I like to spend my (spare) time solving puzzles, and to undertake creative activities. In my work at Finaps I get the opportunity to combine both passions with the ultimate goal to deliver a fine end product. Seeing a happy client gives me an extra boost. On top of that, I work in a team of passionate and fun colleagues!
Lenard Koomen [SEP] Data Analytics Engineer
While studying Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft, I became passionate about simulation, data analytics, machine learning, and to tie it all together: programming. After doing an internship and finishing my Master's degree while working at a small data analytics company, I started looking for a larger company with more collective experience. At Finaps I enjoy applying my data analytics skills to provide valuable insights, while developing myself into a better software engineer and working in a tight-knit team.
Roger Willemsen [SEP] Software Engineer
I have always been interested in technical innovation. This is why I chose to study Aerospace Engineering, a field where solutions need to be highly integrated and be of high quality. During my studies I also gained experience in writing complex scientific programs. After my studies I decided to join Finaps, where I could continue to work on challenging technical projects. At Finaps I can combine my knowledge about technical integration with my interest in programming. I am happy to have found this diverse team of like-minded and inspiring people to work on exciting projects.
Ilyas el Ouannani [SEP] Sales & Marketing Manager / Team Lead
I have always had an interest in marketing and sales. I especially enjoy conveying complicated matters to customers. After my commercial economics studies, I decided to pursue a career in an ever-growing sector: IT. My specialties are designing and implementing marketing and sales campaigns where conversion is key. I really like working at Finaps because of the nice working atmosphere.
Patrick Sebazungu [SEP] Business Engineer
After discovering that Physical Therapy wasn't my future anymore, I found a world of software and technology that intrigued me. Seeing the vast possibilities in creating software but providing custom work software made me dive into it more. In my work at Finaps I get the possibility to make tailor made business solutions with driven and inspiring colleagues that put together the best piece of software.
Luna Blumberg [SEP] Business Engineer
During my bachelor's Psychobiology I learned how complex systems can arise from very simple processes. I developed an interest in programming, because I could use this way of logical thinking and put it to practice by creating elegant and smart applications. As a business engineer at Finaps, I love that I can combine my creative and technical skills to create solutions that satisfy both the client and me, while also being in a diverse and enthusiastic environment!
Chris Dekker [SEP] Business Engineer
After finishing my master's in Neuroscience & Cognition, I found that working in multidisciplinary teams and variety in challenges and obstacles are aspects that I really value in my job. Taking both experience of participating in creative processes from being in a professional band and technical skills from working at an AI start-up company, I found that the role of Business Engineer provides the perfect function for me to blend my technical and creative interests. Doing this while helping other people and being part of the Finaps team makes it even better!
Max Mathijssen [SEP] Business Engineer
While pursuing my Information Science bachelor's and Business Informatics master's degrees, I experienced the many benefits that agile methodologies and low-code platforms such as SCRUM and Mendix bring to the table first-hand. Now, I am ready to put the skills and knowledge I have attained as part of my studies and internships to the test by bridging the gap between business and IT through innovative software solutions.
I have always had the desire to utilize business process modeling techniques to optimize organization's processes. Hence, there are few things that excite me more than the prospect of working together with Finaps' diverse and enthusiastic team to solve clients' problems!

Brian Loeffen [SEP] Business Engineer
During my bachelor's degree in Sport, Management and Entrepreneurship I really enjoyed working together in a team to organize (sport)events. Creating something together with a client to realize his expectations on the event day really gave me a lot of energy. While pursuing my bachelor's in Business Analytics and my master's in Econometrics I discovered the world of IT. The endless possibilities there are with the different programming languages do really interest me. The opportunity to continue learning in IT gives me new energy to grow every day. As a business engineer at Finaps I get the best of both worlds. Working with a team to develop IT solutions and being able to work closely with the client to fulfill there wishes is what I like most!
Nikola Sokol [SEP] Business Engineer
"Perfection is not one big thing done perfectly, but many little things done well." Thanks to my organizational skills, a strongly developed people knowledge and an enormous amount of creativity, I have been able to create and deliver satisfying experiences over the course of my career. By combining the set of my personal skills with my Bachelor in IT, my goal is to bring business, end-users and technology closer together in order to create more satisfying experiences aimed at the future. As a Business Engineer at Finaps, I have the opportunity to do so in an amazingly driven and friendly environment that looks at the future of innovation today.
Andile Whitehead [SEP] Software Engineer
Having a physics background, I have never failed to be impressed by the feats that the human mind, employing both logic and imagination, is able to achieve. Working as a software engineer allows me to constantly exercise both my logic and imagination in designing custom software solutions within a culture that promotes learning, experimentation and collaboration. Finaps is truly a melting pot of backgrounds and ideas and I consider it a privilege that I get to work and socialise with such a diverse and vibrant group of individuals.
Soma Froghyar [SEP] Senior Software Engineer
Equipped with 2 years in healthcare tech along with a new and shiny
Master's degree in Software Engineering from Glasgow Uni, I was looking
for a new challenge where I can express my love for quality software and
allows me to grow further as a developer.

Finaps offered all of these and more with a great attitude towards development from every
level of the hierarchy. Engineers are encouraged to play to their
strengths, whether it's front-end, back-end or Infrastructure. Because
ultimately to create maintainable and quality solutions for the clients'
needs, the developer needs to feel that passion in their work.

The Finaps culture is something that really excites me and I'm glad I could be a part of such a great team of people.
Martijn Douwes [SEP] Business Engineer
After studying Communication and Multimedia Design in Groningen, I joined Finaps as a Business Engineer in February 2022. It is important for me to listen to the wishes and needs of the customers. With their wishes noticed, I will exceed their expectations.

Throughout my studies, I have gained experience with User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. I also gained a lot of experience with interviewing, copywriting and data analysis. I can apply all these qualities at Finaps. Working with people from different backgrounds is a great experience at Finaps.

Hope to see you soon and have a good cup of coffee.
Sam Farhan [SEP] Business Engineer
I've been coding since primary school, making games or websites to fulfil some idea that popped arbitrarily into my head. Between now and then, I've taught myself a wide repertoire of skills which allow me to tackle the various challenges that I encounter. Working at Finaps I have the opportunity to combine my studied knowledge of Business Administration with my passion for IT. Being able to understand exactly what pain points businesses experience and develop a relevant IT solution for them is super rewarding: every day I get to solve a new problem!
Natascha Siersema [SEP] Business Engineer
"Always looking for something to get inspired by". With this mindset I created possibilities to discover several areas of expertise: from research in the lab to science communication, and from education to business development. While exploring these different fields, I pushed myself to think even more out of the box and find creative solutions. Becoming a Business Engineer at Finaps gives me the opportunity to explore the field of IT while combining all my previous experiences and knowledge. Working together with a diverse team enables us to create the best possible solutions. Getting inspired and inspiring others!
Olivier den Hartog [SEP] Business Engineer
IT in combination with optimization and business have always been interesting to me because I really like to solve problems and be as efficient as possible. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business IT & Management and after graduating I developed the urge to work with social people in an informal setting. This led me to Finaps, where I have many great colleagues who share my goal to deliver the best quality possible and where new challenges arise every day. Being able to work on projects in multidisciplinary teams really contributes to going to work with a smile.
Karen Stewart [SEP] Software Engineer
Before joining Finaps I worked as a lawyer. One of my tasks was to help create an app for our legal team. I was paired with a developer who introduced me to the fascinating world of programming. From there I started taking courses, building my own projects and I've never looked back. It's incredibly rewarding to be able to take an idea and build it into something useful. Becoming a Software Engineer at Finaps gives me the opportunity to do what I'm passionate about while working on interesting and innovative projects.
Sem Bastings [SEP] Business Engineer
For as long as I can remember I have had many interests. A recurring theme in all of them is that I love finding innovative and clever solutions to problems. My studies Artificial Intelligence at the Radboud University in Nijmegen allowed me to further develop and expand on the skills required for this. After completing my master's degree, I started my career as a Business Engineer at Finaps. Here I can use my skills, experience and creativity to create business solutions from start to finish. Working in close contact with the customer allows for a profound understanding of the problem which I find to be a prerequisite for a good solution.
Anne Coos Eliasson [SEP] Business Engineer
After pursuing my bachelor in Design of Information Systems in Sweden I moved to Amsterdam for my masters in Information Science. During both my studies I have obtained skills in problem solving and development of information systems. While studying my masters I got an in-depth view on how digitalization affects organizations and the relationship between IT, innovation and sustainability. I really enjoy helping organizations in achieving their strategic goals, by designing and developing modern applications that are flexible to the goals and needs of the organization. At Finaps I have the possibility to use my creativity while developing and to work closely together with people from different backgrounds who all have different perspectives and inputs on how problems can be solved.
Timna van der Horst [SEP] Business Engineer
I have always been interested in solving puzzles to find the best solution. This is why I chose to study Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. During my study, I worked with different software programs, solving problems with IT got me excited. As a Business Engineer at Finaps I have the possibility to further develop my technical skills and to create business solutions for different customers. Collaborating with other motivated and passionate colleagues who are always willing to help each other, makes Finaps a great place to work.

Valentino Filipetto [SEP] Software Engineer
From the very first time I started reading about programming I knew that it was an interesting topic, and I'm very happy that Finaps gave me the opportunity to work on projects along with many other talented people. Already in the first days I felt at home and I guess that the first impression matters!

My goal at Finaps is not only to become a better programmer but also to provide something useful to the clients we will get to help in the future.

Hillary Isenia Bustamante [SEP] Business Engineer
In 2017 I moved to the Netherlands to complete my studies. During my bachelor's in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management and master's in Engineering and Policy Analysis at TU Delft, I became increasingly interested in using technology to help public and private enterprises optimize and/or analyze their complex challenges. I'm delighted that Finaps gives me the opportunity to keep developing my abilities to transform this passion of mine into innovative software solutions for these enterprises, alongside intelligent people from various backgrounds who are always willing to lend a hand.

Emre Özcan [SEP] Business Engineer
During my master's in Digital Business and Innovation, I acquired the knowledge of how important it is for companies to innovate (digitally) in order to survive in this ever-changing world where technology is developing at a rapid pace and impacting every industry. I became increasingly interested in the whole process of digital innovation and I really wanted to take part in this process and lend companies a helping hand so that they can stay future proof. I'm very pleased that as a Business Engineer at Finaps I can offer my contribution by developing innovative web and mobile applications, and fill the gap between business and IT.
Deniz Karadağ [SEP] Software Engineer
While studying civil engineering, I realised that it's not something that I really enjoy. After some years and working in different industries, I found my passion in software development. For me, working as a software engineer is like solving puzzles everyday and I love solving problems. I enjoy looking for a better solution, efficiency and going after new challenges. That's why I joined Finaps because their previous work showed me that Finaps is a great place where I can continuously learn, work with great people and offer solutions that actually matters.
Kariem Hamad [SEP] Business Engineer
After pursuing my Bachelor degree in Business IT & Management I have built up a broad skillset in both Business and IT. I am very interested in analyzing processes, but also in developing an application for the business. At finaps I can combine these tasks very well. I get energy from drawing up requirements and turning this into a client-oriented solution.
My goal at Finaps is to add value, make a difference for clients and deliver the highest quality in service and solutions. As a Business Engineer at Finaps I have the possibility to develop these goals.
Nick Kooistra [SEP] Marketing & Communication Officer
From the moment I started my International Marketing Management studies I knew it was a direct hit. This was definitely going to be my future. What I like most about marketing is the psychology aspect of it, consumer behavior has therefore always been one of my favorite subjects. My strengths mainly lie within strategic thinking but I also get great joy from content creation. Working at Finaps has already been a great experience. From the moment I walked in I was immediately treated as a valued member, which makes you want to work even harder!
Fijonne Spiegelaar [SEP] Business Development Engineer
Improving business processes is something I really enjoy. That is why I focused on Change Management in my MBA studies. I love to hear about client's processes and discuss how to make their business more efficient and effective! In the end it is super important that the client is happy and I believe that Finaps always finds the best solution to make that happen.
Matthew Blow [SEP] Software Engineer
From the moment I began programming in high school, I knew I had a passion for developing applications and that it was something I wanted to pursue as a career.
After finishing my Bachelors of Computer Science in Cape Town and completing an internship in Barcelona, I decided to move to Amsterdam where Finaps took me under their wing and are also allowing me to progress and grow as an individual and a developer.
My goal at Finaps is to deliver high quality solutions to clients and to become a better developer in the process.
Babs Barnhoorn [SEP] Software Engineer
During my time as an athlete in de Dutch snowboard team, I found myself with quite a lot of free time in the off-season. To pass the time, and to keep expanding my knowledge I started a course in web development. I found that I really enjoyed the process of writing and creating with code. After my career ended due to injuries, I started studying Artificial Intelligence at the Vrije Universiteit. During which I've learned many valuable skills, such as working in teams, and came in contact with a big variety of digital concepts.

At Finaps, my goal is to learn and grow as a Software Engineer as well as a human. I look forward to contributing to valuable and high-quality solutions for clients. While working together with, and learning from, a diverse group of colleagues.
Joris Smit [SEP] UX Designer
"I create solutions that look nice and are easy to understand", is how I would describe my job to a five year old. During my bacholar's degree Communication Multimedia Design I learned about every possible aspect of digital design, but I was most fascinated with the relationship between people and technology through ethical design. After a few years working on different projects and some freelance work, I wanted a different challenge. At Finaps I've got the opportunity to further improve myself as a designer and create solutions that truly tackle user's needs.
Jan Limpens [SEP] Software Engineer
"Happiness comes from solving problems" That quote from Mark Manson has always resonated with me, since I have always enjoyed finding solutions to challenging circumstances .That is why, after completing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in Mexico, I moved to the Netherlands to peruse my software engineering passion and my drive to create solutions. I have found myself in Finaps surrounded by amazing people from very different backgrounds and in a very nice environment where you never stop learning.
Dylan Formella [SEP] Process Engineer
I have always been interested in computers and programming, I like to think outside the box. During my Cyber Security study at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam I learned a lot about different subjects within this field. Information security was the one that peaked my interest the most . I decided that I wanted to pursue this further. I enjoy looking for the best solutions and ways to improve. Keeping Finaps safe and compliant will be my mission.
Zoey Hulzebos [SEP] Business Engineer
Finding out what my career path would become has taken some time. While the the construction building and architecture sector has interested me, I soon realized that completing one production cycle takes quite some time. During my Industrial Engineering and Business Informatics studies, my focus shifted to information systems. I realized that IT facilitates intensively in creating efficiency and providing productivity, two of my preferred concepts. Besides that, working at Finaps also fulfils my wish to work at a dynamic company with a close group of colleagues.
Hajar el Mounaouir [SEP] Data Analytics Engineer
During my bachelor's in Econometrics, I got introduced to a variety of courses and some of my favourites were the programming and data related courses. Especially because it was something completely new, which made it exciting and proposed a good challenge. During my studies, I discovered that I really enjoyed coding and developed a passion for programming. Hence, why I didn't hesitate to study Data Science for my master's. After graduating I came in contact with Finaps, and now I'm working at the company as a Data Analytics Engineer. I get to learn so many new things and more importantly I'm doing what I love most; programming.
Marlies van Sonsbeek [SEP] Managing Partner
I have a background in IT, Business Operations and Change Management with over 30 years' experience in management within the financial services and IT sector. My passion is making people perform. Making our clients perform IT value for their business, making our staff perform extraordinary solutions. My strong belief is performance is only driven by passionated people that like each other sincerely. With Finaps I believe we make the difference in the various domains that we are active. Our broad IT and business experience, innovative and flexible mindset and great technology enables us to deliver what our clients are looking for: future-proof business solutions that work.
Lonneke Makhija [SEP] Managing Partner
I started my career in banking, in 2010 the Industry had changed drastically and I believed there was room for new opportunities within. This resulted in the start-up of Finaps in 2010. As founder and managing partner, I am involved in setting out Finaps' strategy and identifying new opportunities. At Finaps we like to get things done. Of course, there are challenges every day as in most companies but all of us will work hard to overcome them together. If we succeed, we celebrate and if we fail, we step back and look at the reasons and start again.
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