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We trust in the power of innovation and are committed to delivering high-quality solutions. We believe that the go-to-market time for new business applications can be significantly shorter and that this process can be much more efficient.
We deliver future-proof business solutions that work.

Beautifully designed and incredibly simple to use, CollectIC offers a powerful full stack of software that oversees all your collections activities enabling you to act faster than ever before.
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Rabo International
Direct Banking

A highly dynamic online-only banking solution which allows over 500,000 customers in Belgium and Germany to access and manage their accounts.
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UMC Utrecht
Big Data 4
Small Babies

This data-driven algorithm helps doctors decide whether the administration of antibiotics to preterm babies is necessary. This provides doctors with crucial additional information when treating sepsis.
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Mijn Lening Inzicht
Financial Portal Solution

The Financial Portal provides consumers with real-time insights in their mortgage, annual results and corresponding rates. In addition, it monitors online processes, which allows Quion to quickly and easily adjust the portal.
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Terre des hommes Project Management
Portal Solution PMEasy

This Project Management Portal focuses on managing projects on a global scale and increases transparency in terms of deliverables and finance. Additionally, PMEasy includes functionalities to interactively work on designing and implementing projects.
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Screening Platform

This Online Screening Platform provides a fully automated screening process that is integrated with third-party data suppliers. The platform ensures a transparent, digital process, which meets all the demands of the compliance field.
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