MEVOS Mentorship Portal

A portal to facilitate mentoring over 2,000 students from disadvantaged backgrounds every year with volunteer home mentors in 20 cities in the Netherlands.

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Their Challenge

School’s cool is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to equity in education. Their mission is to be able to offer a home mentor to all children who are struggling in the transition phase to high school. Thanks to countless volunteers that have been assisting hundreds of children in the Netherlands during their school careers since 1997.

School’s cool is located in more than 20 cities in the Netherlands. Each location is a separate entity with local volunteer groups and their own processes. With the growing number of mentors and students, the process deviated more and more and it became increasingly difficult to make central improvements to the process. Implementing a unified process with sufficient flexibility across locations required a new software solution.

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Our Solution

Together with School’s cool we developed MEVOS using Mendix to support the application, registration, mentorship agreement and monitor ongoing mentorships.

Everyone can apply to become a mentor via a public form on the website. Each mentor application enters MEVOS and is registered in a CRM module by a School’s cool employee. The registration phase requires more details of the mentor and a valid VOG. Based on the details and preferences of the mentor a match can be made with a mentee. MEVOS supports the contractual part in setting up a mentorship such as signing codes of conduct and an official contract by the mentees’ parents/guardians. After the mentorship is agreed and started, School’s cool coordinators remain engaged to support the mentor in any way possible to provide the best coaching to the mentee. MEVOS is able to frequently send out evaluation forms to retrieve feedback from both the mentor and the parents/guardians.

All application, registration and evaluation forms are configurable and allowing dynamic questions per location. Per location each code of conduct, contract and email can also be configured. With the flexibility to use default configurations and the ability to adjust them per location, MEVOS facilitates the need for both unifying the process and allow sufficient flexibility across all current and future locations.


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