DLM Finance

Online Trading Platform

This platform helps DLM Finance’s clients meet the European Market Infrastructure Regulations. It offers various functionalities such as portfolio, collateral and risk management, and also cash flow and covenant monitoring options.

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Their Challenge

The goal of DLM Finance is to add value for its clients by integrating treasury operations into the DLM Trade Manager. The DLM Trade Manager is unique in its concept, because it is a system that is specifically built for fund management in emerging and frontier markets. DLM came to Finaps with a specific question: Can Finaps build a multi company and web-based treasury management system that is professional, secure and efficient?

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Our Solution

We used Mendix as the technology platform to build Trade Manager, which enables businesses to report their trades to financial authorities. The application is now one of DLM’s key services. It offers functionality in areas of deal management, portfolio management, cash flow monitoring, covenant monitoring, collateral management, reporting, accounting, valuation, and risk management.

Other cases

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