Rabo International

Direct Banking

A highly dynamic online-only banking solution which allows over 500,000 customers in Belgium and Germany to access and manage their accounts.

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Their Challenge

An online-only service requires a lot of flexibility to rapidly deliver new features in order to meet the needs and expectations of this very large customer base. How we manage our money is constantly changing; once upon a time everything was a face-to-face cash-based transaction in an actual building where bank teller could open an account or provide information on different services. Now in the digital age everything can be handled online. Rabobank International Direct Banking (Rabo IDB) has whole heartedly embraced this concept to provide a completely virtual financial experience.

An online-only banking system needs to be incredibly robust, because if something goes wrong there is the risk that the entire customer base could lose faith. In the same way that money is only worth what we believe it to be worth, an online-only banking system can only survive and thrive if its customers believe in it. It is therefore critical that there is complete faith in a system that handles very sensitive information in a secure way.

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Our Solution

When Finaps was initially brought in to provide Mendix maintenance and support, Rabobank were so impressed with our efforts that the two organisations have since formed a strong partnership. Finaps has an extensive knowledge of the Mendix platform and is able to deliver cost-effective and customer-friendly solutions in a very short space of time. Finaps now takes care of the development and operation of this flexible front-end application which seamlessly integrates with the existing core systems of Rabo IDB. Both parties want to continue to build this strong relationship long into the future to provide the best service possible to the existing customers and to also hopefully attract new ones.



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