Artificial Intelligence

Working Capital App

An AI solution that provides ING’s commercial clients with predictive insights into managing their working capital more efficiently. This application optimises their working capital and business processes by using self-learning and predictive algorithms.

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Their Challenge

ING Asset-Based Finance has a large data set on changes in working capital. This allows ING to provide commercial clients with data-driven and predictive insights into their future working capital position. ING came to Finaps with the question: How can we make an integrated mobile, web and data management solution that enables our commercial clients to forecast their financial health and proactively react to market changes?

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Our Solution

The Smart Working Capital Assistant is an application that predicts developments that impact working capital by using self-learning and predictive algorithms. The application sends notifications to users’ smartphones. Based on the insights provided by the application, managers of a company can, for example, decide to plan certain transactions at a time that is more favourable. This way, the application helps to optimise their working capital and business processes. This project is a perfect example of how ING and Finaps join forces to realise banking innovation.


SAS, Open source (Scala, React, Xamarin)

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