Screening Platform

This Online Screening Platform provides a fully automated screening process that is integrated with third-party data suppliers. The platform ensures a transparent, digital process, which meets all the demands of the compliance field.

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Their Challenge

The demand for employee screening services is on the rise, as the consequences of a screening mismatch can be enormous. By verifying specific and relevant data beforehand, risks associated with working with an individual can be better identified. However, employment screening remains a tricky topic, as both job seekers and their potential employers often view screening as a necessary evil that is challenging and time-consuming. As a result, Validata approached Finaps with a question: How can we develop a fully automated screening engine to streamline the screening process for any organisation?

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Our Solution

Validata group has a leading, fully automated, screening engine that is integrated with third party data suppliers. By automating the screening process in an innovative manner, Validata Group’s clients are ensured of a transparent, digital process which meets all the demands in the compliance field. Clients are completely catered to as they receive compliant screening reports within a short elapse time.





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