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A highly efficient workflow and seamless user experience by offering a single front end tool for the E2E credit risk process with automated data capture to realise operational efficiency, improved data quality and faster turnaround times

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Their challenge

Challenge: before ARROW, creating credit applications was mostly a manual exercise, based on non-automated/non digitalised processes in a scattered IT landscape with little to no interface between data systems.

Objective: A single workflow tool to facilitate the entire E2E Wholesale credit risk journey (from prospecting all through to credit approval) globally with automated data retrieval from internal systems

Target group: Business users – representatives from all business lines, regions and risk officers.

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Our solution

Through an intensive collaboration with Rabobank, including workshops and solution design. The development journey commenced in April 2022 for MVP1, released in Q2 2023, followed by a substantial release in Q3 2023 that entirely replaced DealPoint. Ongoing enhancements and feature additions have continued to extend the integration within the broader architecture. A result of this has been the successful adherence to all deadlines, with a global rollout of the main tool for creating and processing requests. The solution adopted a single frontend application.

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The application offers diverse functionalities such as collaborative report writing, an extensive CKEditor tool, robust access management, dynamic approval workflows, integrated data management, advanced document generation, 2FA SSO, maintenance mode, configurable stubs for testing, masterdata configurability, versioned templates, audits and logs monitoring, automated emails, real-time locking of written sections, Q&A, and more.

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Transforming credit application creation from manual to automated



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