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In the exciting world of software and technology development, it seems that each day brings a new industry segment, from up and comers such as the Fintech and Medtech industries to the creation of Human Resource tech specialists and disrupters.

What all these start-ups have in common is a burning desire to address their needs of their customers. Finaps is passionate about working with these entrepreneurs and scale-ups to help them solve the very real challenges that their customers are facing.

We always come into to these partnerships with a laser focus on finding the perfect solution and aim to give our clients the core-technology engines that allow their businesses to go from an idea to an actual, operational value proposition.

That is why we always bring in our full set of design and development specialists. This way, we help start-ups to compete in their sector and – dare we say – dominate it. When we believe that a solution has the potential to become a game changer, but the client doesn’t have the liquidity to fund a full development process and we are open for flexible and creative solutions for co-investing. That’s how keen we are on finding the perfect solution!

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