BringWay: helping to pay back
thousands of debts

BringWay and Finaps prove that an easy and structured platform helps struggling debtors to pay their debts. Thomas Poiesz (Meet the Team) Senior Technical Business Engineer at Finaps, explains how it works.

Date: 09-2018

What challenges debtors to pay back their debts?

Simply not having an overview!
“People know that they have debts, but don’t know specifically what amount for which company.”

The problem starts when a debt counsellor wants an overview of the outstanding debts of a client. All debt information was previously gathered through e-mail without obtaining a complete overview. In short, the process was very inefficient. Especially because privacy legislation makes access to debt information difficult. In light of this, CreditExchange Groep and Finaps have joined forces to launch an easy and efficient platform.


The solution: BringWay platform

How does a platform help to pay back thousands of debts?

The platform works like this: debt counsellors log in to the BringWay platform, enter their clients and upload their authorization to represent the client. This will directly be verified by employees from the creditors or by a BringWay employee. Subsequently, the debt counsellor gets an overview of all the debt information of a client. This way, they can quickly draw up a repayment plan for the debtor.

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Increase the impact of the BringWay platform? Yes!
There are many creditors that have problems with the process to finally get their debts paid back. We have good news! BringWay can be used by any company, from energy suppliers to government authorities. This will advance the system by having all debt information available in one spot. Debt counsellors can make an efficient plan and debts will finally be paid back! So how do you finally get your debts paid back? With the BringWay platform.

How is the platform developed?
BringWay is made with the innovative Mendix platform. Thomas points out that this project has been an interesting technical implementation. This because a separation was made between the front-end and the back-end application with a C# service layer in between.

The front-end is what the end-user sees, the back-end saves and checks the data, and the service layer passes requests between them. Several prototypes have been made during the development process, which made the first release solid.

What has the BringWay platform already achieved?
The platform developed by Finaps has become a great success. Every day, debt counsellors request debt information from creditors who work with BringWay. As a result, considerably more debts are handled and reimbursed!

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