Credit application rural (CAR) - Rabobank WholeSale & Rural

A risk assessment tool to digitize and automate credit loan requests for the Australia and New Zealand regions within the Rural branch of Rabobank.
Their Challenge
The credit loan request process was a common pain point across the rural regions. It involved many manual steps, which made the process very time-consuming and the final decision prone to error and subjectivity. Hence, it obstructed the ambition to increase strategic client and staff engagement, cost, and time efficiency and ultimately, growth for the Rural business.
Our Solution
With Credit Application Rural the risk assessment step of the credit loan request process was automated. To increase the operational efficiency of this step while lowering the operational risk, CAR offers a two-in-one solution in Mendix.

The flexible front end of CAR makes it possible for staff to digitize all business rules in the region-specific policies that are required for risk assessment. While an engine in the back end of CAR is used to execute risk assessments utilizing those same digitized policies. Besides running the risk assessment, the engine also returns the results in a pdf report.

The connection to the engine is fully integrated into the regions' own system enhancing the user experience for the staff. Weekly, about 500 risk assessments are executed on average which roughly saves the staff 1250 hours of manual labour per week by using CAR.

Our Mendix engineers developed CAR in collaboration with our Data engineers. Due to specific sourcing requirements for the client data, the Information Factory was developed to act as an extra data layer between Mendix and the several sources for the client data.

The flexible front end of CAR makes it possible for staff to digitize all business rules in the region-specific policies.
  • 1
    Policy configuration
    It easily lets you configure the specific needs and requirements of the region.
  • 2
    Automated risk assessment
    It allows staff to execute risk assessments quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual labor. This helps to reduce the risk of errors and subjectivity, and it saves staff a significant amount of time and effort.
  • 3
    Report of results
    It provides important information about the results of the risk assessment in a convenient, easy-to-use format. This could be helpful for decision-making and analysis, and it could make it easier for staff to understand and interpret the results of the assessment.
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