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A fully integrated sustainability assessment tool for all Wholesale client-related sustainability data

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Their challenge

The sustainability landscape is dynamic, undergoing rapid changes. This topic will continue to hold significance in the future and has become an increasingly crucial factor in evaluating clients for Rabobank. Given the diverse contexts and industries in which Rabobank’s clients operate, customised assessments are essential. These assessments aim to calculate sustainability scores for each unique business case, serving various purposes such as aiding clients in their transition, estimating loans, and providing valuable information for Rabobank.

To facilitate this process, we have developed a flexible tool capable of assessing and reporting sustainability scores. This tool plays a pivotal role in gaining insights into the sustainability performance of each client, ultimately contributing to enhanced client sustainability engagement. The outcomes not only offer a comprehensive view of pertinent topics but also establish focal points for discussions with clients.

Primarily designed for Wholesale clients, this application integrates into the workflow process, engaging with other systems and applications within Rabobank. The long-term goal is to achieve seamless integration into the entire Rabo ecosystem.

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Our solution

The result is a tailor made and user friendly solution with configurable components. The development went within less than a year from nothing to a functional application in production. The application allows the user to create and configure questionnaires that can be used by multiple business lines. The users can conduct up-to-date sustainability assessments and the configurable parts allow quick changes and additions based on the ever changing context. The application uses graphs and color coded charts that provide quick insight in the results of the client. At this moment in time the application is used in every continent where the Rabobank operates and has 700 active users. Over 1027 assessments were created within the first 6 months.

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A user-friendly, tailor made solution enabling rapid sustainability assessments

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Users can perform real-time sustainability assessments with adaptable features for dynamic adjustments.

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The application is now operational globally with 700 active users, conducting over 1027 assessments in the first 6 months.



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