The Finaps branding journey

Reflecting on and celebrating our first 10 years and looking forward to our next 10 years and beyond. Finaps has launched its new brand identity to show who we are and what we do for our customers.

Date: 10-2020

10th Anniversary
2020 has been a very special year for Finaps, as we proudly celebrate our 10th anniversary. During this period, we have transitioned from a start-up to a full-fledged IT company with a pool of extremely talented and dedicated people.

We felt that this year was also the right moment to align our brand identity, our values and our solutions with our branding and with where our company stands today.

Goal of our rebranding
We aimed for a clear, attractive and unified design, that visualizes our identity, culture and the solutions we provide. The unified design will not only help employees to identify clearly with the company, but also to enable existing and potential customers to recognize Finaps as a brand.

Image to go with the aricle
Image to go with the aricle
Image to go with the aricle

With our core values – determined, limitless and collaborative – we embrace the essence of our culture and what we stand for:

We are determined to deliver high-quality IT solutions. To our clients we are the partner of choice, because we deliver the applications that enable them to do what they do best and that allow them to be more efficient. By really listening to our clients’ wishes, understanding what they want to achieve and being honest about what is possible, we are able to develop IT solutions that take their business to the next level.

True to our pioneering ways, we are limitless when it comes to exploring the uncharted territory of possible innovations. That is why we prefer to operate in the space where delivering quality and experimenting meet. Because that’s where we add value by creating innovative business opportunities together with our clients. With a dedicated team that exclusively focuses on research and innovation, we are always discovering new technologies and platforms that turn regular businesses into smart businesses.

We believe that the only way to achieve the best possible result is through close collaboration. We are collaborative in the way we create solutions together with our clients. Our team of passionate and talented engineers combines their deep knowledge of the market with our high standards of quality to create future-proof business solutions that work.

Our logo
Our logo has been transformed as well. Still recognizable but more powerful.

With the rebranding we retained the most important and prominent parts of our identity, while at the same time expressing our growth and development over the past years: through supplementing our expertise and experience with a youthful state of mind and a deep understanding of the market, we create future-proof business solutions that work.

We deliver solutions focussed on Digital Innovation, Process Optimisation and Applied Analytics.

The foundation of our visual identity consists of three shapes that represent these three solutions.

Digital Innovation symbolised by a never-ending circle. We keep learning, refining and improving infinitively. We take the knowledge and experience of each new day and apply the lessons that we have learned so that we all continuously improve.

Process Optimisation visualised as a square which stands for framing and optimally managing workflow processes and flow charts. As a result, businesses are able to operate at optimal efficiency.

Applied Analytics reflecting data- driven progress as a triangle that represents the recognizability of analytical data.

These three shapes represent the building blocks that we use to design the best possible solutions for our clients.

Check out our new brand identity in our rebranding video below!

We will continue to build the Finaps name in the market and we look forward to the next 10 years!

A special thanks to:
Dutchy Design Agency for the concept, visuals and implementation of our new website, brand identity & brand assets.

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