Highest Potential Award at the
World Port Hackathon 2015

Finaps are the winners of the Highest Potential Award for their application the “Danger Zone”. The award was for the application that has the highest potential of being marketed and implemented. Finaps honored its name as Hackathon Champions once again!

Date: 09-2015

The Port of Rotterdam Authority places great value on innovation and are always looking for opportunities to stimulate talent. Therefore, in collaboration with the HavenLab and several other companies at the port of Rotterdam, the third World Port Hackathon was organized for 4th – 5th September to do just that.

This hackathon tasked teams to tackle one of three trails based on the following topics: infrastructure, logistics or security. Each team would be provided with a data set and had just 24-hours to come up with something that would make the port safer, smarter and more efficient.

Finaps addressed their chosen challenge by developing an application which performs a smart analysis on patterns and causalities of transporting dangerous cargo, and can predict different threat levels in a predefined area. This functionality would inspire the name of the application: Danger Zone.


Multiple data sets and API’s are integrated; and these data sets are linked together based on geo-locations. Using predictive models it is possible to provide insight in the segregations of hazardous cargo, events or other parameters to avoid the creation of danger zones.

When all this is set up the Danger Zone learning engine will continuously predict and / or visualize danger levels over a predefined area.

The use cases for such predictive risk maps can be used in industry areas such as safety control, insurance rate calculations for ships and governmental policy writing.

The possibilities of this application are endless, and Danger Zone was good enough to win the Highest Potential Award for Finaps at the World Port Hackathon 2015.

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