3rd Place at
Energy Hack 2018

Visualizing heat waste realizes 3rd place.

Date: 06-2018

Energy Hack 2018 was an intense and emotional 48-hours period of extreme heat, ancient air conditioning, a co-ed sleeping room and also some development. Finaps joined forces with enthusiasts Sander Swierts and Mark Verschuren to form team Unicorn to take home 3rd place.

Team Unicorn developed a solution known as “The Heat Planner”. Using data from ‘s Hertogenbosch as a test case, the application was able to give a visual insight into heat demand and heat waste in a particular region to help identify potential heat re-usage opportunities.


The solution would aid sustainable area development by helping to place potential heat suppliers in areas where there would be demand. This would ultimately help to lower usage of natural gas and therefore reduce CO2 emissions.

This solution was good enough to win 3rd place at Energy Hack 2018 and we are very proud of this accomplishment.

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