Starting to work without an office

At Finaps, working from home with trust and autonomy given is a normal thing.

Author: Cas Becker (Meet Our Team)

It’s strange to start working at a company when you’ve only been to their office once. At Finaps however, being given trust and autonomy to not only start working, but to work from home during these uncertain times is a normal thing.

On my very first day I was able to work at the office. After that however, I was bound to working from home due to “you know what”. This meant that I would not be seeing my colleagues in person for quite some time, and all of my training would be done online. Working with adept software professionals means that everyone is easily reachable and open for questions or conversations. We get together in Teams (a video chat program like Zoom or Skype) every week just to have a conversation. We talk about what we’re proud of, what we’re not sure about and we help each other out. This creates a sort of cohesion which would normally only be possible in the real-life face-to-face working environment.

These are not easy times for companies and employees alike, and I am so happy that everything went well.

Sitting in your house with a cup of coffee behind your screen also has its charm though. It gives a certain comfort to be able to stay in your house, a certain relaxedness. For me that helps in solving complex questions. I can more easily get out of my focused, logical mind and let my creative side get to work. This results in those little “Aha!” moments everyone loves.

At present, it is possible to occasionally go to the office by adhering to the Corona principles which limit the number of working spots available. Although I love working from home, it’s still really nice to occasionally get a glimpse of my colleagues in the flesh. While you cannot replace the feeling of Friday afternoon drink, for now a virtual meeting is the next best thing.

In the end, all we can do is learn from this experience of working online and use that going forward. This situation is temporary, and it’s great that we’re able to adapt so well. I am so happy that new employees like me are able to find our place in this new situation.