In-house day

On April 19th, Finaps hosted an in-house day for students from Kraket. During this session, the students had to develop an application. The case was based on actual shortcomings in the health sector.

Date: 05-2018

During this workshop, the students had to develop an application in groups of 4. The case was based on shortcomings in the health sector and more specifically, the Electronic Health Record. The application to be developed had to add value to the doctors and it had to include a data-driven component. The interpretation was up to the students.

After three hours of hard work, the teams had to present the application to the Finaps-jury and their fellow students. The presentations were judged based on several criteria, for example, creativity, the implementation of data analytics, and the quality of the functionality developed in Mendix.


The winning team developed an application to help doctors and nurses with implementing an efficient planning system for patient visits based on the urgency of the patient’s needs. After the presentations and a fierce discussion of the jury on who would be the winning team, the day finished with some drinks.

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