Digital Accessibility and
User Experience

A meetup was recently held at the Finaps office to discuss the topic of Digital Accessibility (A11y) and User Experience (UX).

Data: 01-2020

This presentation was in response to the law and regulation regarding digital accessibility, EN 301 549, that states:

‘Government websites and mobile apps must comply with the decision [to be accessible for all Dutch citizens] on the following dates:

On 23rd Sep 2019 for websites which were published from 23rd Sep 2018;

On 23rd Sep 2020 for websites which were published before 23rd Sep 2018;

On 23rd June 2021 for mobile applications.’

As an active partner of different public sector organisations, we at Finaps feel responsible to inform all of our employees about the urgency and importance of this subject. In the presentation we talked about digital accessibility in practice, what it is, who it is for and how developers can make a difference during their daily development work.


This subject goes hand in hand with UX design, together they can aim towards inclusive design. So, this meetup was also a great opportunity to provide everyone with some basic UX knowledge, for instance: the differences between UI and UX, a standard UX design process, how to work with UX designers and the necessity of involving UX design in every user-oriented project.

Curious about what this presentation leads to?
You can read more about it from this blog, Good Intentions – Accessibility
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