Technology: SAS

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Intro into SAS

In the current digital age, many companies offer their services online, leading to an increase in the amount of data available. This data can be useful for gaining insights into various business processes. To analyse this data, the use of data analytics solutions has grown significantly in recent years. Finaps utilizes several of these solutions, one of which is the solution called SAS, created by the SAS institute, with which we maintain a close partnership. In this article, I will discuss this technology.

SAS as a solution

The SAS Institute offers a comprehensive software suite and data analytics platform that allows users to extract, modify, manage, analyse, and retrieve data from multiple sources. This makes it a complete, standalone data platform where all aspects of the data analytics process can be handled. This platform is designed for users of all skill levels. Those with a business background can utilize the point-and-click interface, while more technical users can utilize the SAS programming language, which is included in the software suite. Additionally, custom Python or R code can also be written.

What can SAS do?

Data preparation and visualisation
Data preparation is one of the first and most crucial steps in the data process, and it can also be one of the most time-consuming. Recognizing this, SAS offers multiple products to facilitate this step, such as SAS Data Integration Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide, which both offer both a point-and-click and programming interface. Once the data is prepared, it can be visualized using SAS Visual Analytics. This tool allows users to create various visualizations to gain a comprehensive understanding of the data. It also includes the ability to apply statistical and basic machine learning techniques and to share reports and dashboards.

Machine Learning
For users, such as a data scientist, who require more advanced machine learning capabilities, SAS offers several tools. The general machine learning tool allows users to apply a variety of algorithms, such as Boost Decision Trees, Neural Networks, and Clustering, to different types of data, including text data. For more specialized machine learning, SAS also offers the Enterprise Miner tool.

SAS offers several tools for its users

Advanced tools
In addition to the previously mentioned products, SAS also offers several advanced tools. One such tool is Intelligent Decisioning, which allows companies to incorporate business logic with data to make more informed decisions. Another useful product for the financial industry is Fraud Detection, which can help detect fraudulent activity. These advanced products can help organizations take their data-driven processes to the next level.

Power BI + Azure as a solution – data analytics lifecycle
The earlier mentioned examples are just a small selection from SAS’s full product catalogue. They demonstrate the various capabilities available when working with data on the SAS platform. However, the true strength of SAS lies in its integrated approach to data-driven workflows. In this approach, raw data can be transformed into valuable and actionable insights, utilizing the full potential of the data analytics process in a single, self-contained, and easily managed environment.

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