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Our Team

Our Team
Friso Nijboer [SEP] Senior Technical Business Engineer
After graduating in Computer Science at the university in Nijmegen, I decided to take a total other direction. Becoming grandmaster, playing in World Cups from Khanty Mansiysk to Las Vegas. Participating many times for the Dutch Olympic team and becoming European champion with them. In 2012 I thought it was a smart move to join Finaps, where I now am happily working for 8 years. It is nice to have a lot of different projects, with a totally different scope and set of problems as well as having colleagues who are all rather unique.
Rochus Meijer [SEP] Principal Business Engineer / Team Lead
IT has always interested me. I have Bachelor's degree in Media Studies and a Master's degree in Information Studies, both of which I've acquired at the University of Amsterdam. During this period I became interested in Usability and Human Computer Interaction, which makes me more of a "Social Application Developer". I joined Finaps early 2012 and since then I've worked on a number of different projects for different clients. The professional, yet relaxing atmosphere triggers me to get the most out of myself and my coworkers. I like to create challenging, user friendly applications that serve our client's needs both functionally and visually.
This could be you [SEP] This could be you
This could be you
Jeroen Kesteloo [SEP] Principal Business Engineer / Team Lead
Software allows us to make meaningful changes to existing processes. Being able to help organizations by developing new apps and kickstarting their IT landscape is what makes it so much fun for so many years. I get challenged on a daily basis by our complex client projects. But when working with smart and capable people, every complex challenge is possible and fun.
Simon Martyr [SEP] Senior Software Engineer
After finishing my degree in Computer Science as well as an internship at Nokia Siemens Networks within the UK, I looked to challenge myself in more ways than one. So in the summer of 2013 I moved to the Nederlands to be a part of Finaps. Finaps allows me to combine my knowledge of web technologies and programming within a fun and dynamic environment. Alongside other interesting colleagues who share common interests and are willing to help each other develop, each project and opportunity is a fun challenge that I enjoy being a part of.
Andrew Hagens [SEP] Chief Technology Officer
"You can only connect the dots looking backwards, not forward". This saying has permeated my life in very unexpected ways. I arrived in Europe in 2006 with the intention of becoming a Formula 1 car designer. Many dots later, and I now work as a software engineer at Finaps. It was my interests in system design and engineering that sparked my interest in computational systems. So, I can clearly state that I never saw these dots looking forward but understand them now looking backwards.
Ron Stoop [SEP] Senior Business Engineer
Ever since high school I was interested in solving (logistical) business problems and searching for the most optimal solution. The choice to go study Econometrics and Operations Research, wasn't therefore a hard one. I work for Finaps since May 2015 and knew quickly that I am at the right company to deploy my interests and skills. Every client is different and deserves an app that fully meets their expectations. This requires a great empathy with the client and a lot of flexibility from me and my colleagues. I like to face this challenge!
Thomas Poiesz [SEP] Senior Software Engineer
At Finaps, I never feel bad about having to go to work. I am constantly challenged to learn and improve, both technically and professionally. The most important thing though, is that I can work with a team of people who share an interest in finding the best solutions for the problems we encounter and are great to hang out with. Never a boring day at the office!
Jelle Leermakers [SEP] Senior Business Engineer / Team Lead
I have a wide range of interests which I believe are a result of my studies in Industrial Engineering at TU Eindhoven. During these studies I have developed knowledge in both process thinking as well as business modelling. At Finaps it is nice to be able to combine that knowledge to create business solutions from start to finish whilst working in a supportive and joyful environment. I believe with the combination of the project team working alongside the customer we are able to get a thorough understanding of the business processes, allowing us to optimise and create the right application and functionalities.
Kevin Pennekamp [SEP] Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead
As a Software Engineer at Finaps I create business solutions from start to finish in a joyful environment. I strife to deliver business solutions that go beyond the wishes and expectations of the customer. By really understanding the problems of our customers, we can come up with new and innovative solutions. With the can-do mentality at Finaps I am positive we are able to deliver the highest quality business solution for any customer.
Tim Pijl [SEP] Senior Data Analytics Engineer
Studying Econometrics, I never thought I would end up at a software company. I joined Finaps in september 2017 and I have enjoyed every day since. I love to solve technical challenges where my knowledge and creativity are tested every day. Collaborating in small teams with different personalities and backgrounds is what drives me to create great software. My main focus is on developing applications that are highly data driven. These applications enable people to make better (business) decisions. Given not only one's expert knowledge, but all the information that is available in the data, one should be able to improve their decision-making process.
Wouter de Haan [SEP] Software Engineer
As an intern and having worked part-time at Finaps for over three years, I had the opportunity and privilege to learn what it means to be a good developer. Without much experience to start out with, I've tried to learn as much as possible from the great people around me. But this knowledge needs to be put into action for it to mean anything. So, I'm very pleased that in my new role as Software Engineer I can put this into practice and learn even more!
Jochem van Eldijk [SEP] Senior Technical Business Engineer / Team Lead
In my role as Software engineer at Finaps I work in a small team of professionals. As a team we see a big variety of clients and gain hands on experience on designing, developing and operating applications in an enterprise setting. This allows us to work with cool new technologies and to add value for our customers and to society. This makes working at Finaps very motivating and satisfying.
Marius van der Knaap [SEP] Senior Business Engineer
I believe that through user-centered design we can create intuitive apps that people love to use. I love cooking, gaming, snowboarding and traveling, amongst other things. My travels so far include a trip through the popular backpackers' hubs in South East Asia, Central America and Colombia. During my Bachelor's and Master's in information studies, I focused on the various psychological and physiological aspects that play a role in an inclusive application design. Furthermore, I gained experience in programming, machine learning, did a minor in Digital Humanities and developed an interdisciplinary way of thinking.
Stefani Peters [SEP] Software Engineer
During my studies I found out that programming really gets me going. This got me thinking about software development. In my spare time I love to cook and bake, which has its similarities with brewing software. Why? Because the final taste of something you create is a product of all the ingredients, tools and how you use them – just like coding. With my colleagues we form a team which can solve all sorts of problems. The first time I walked into Finaps I immediately felt comfortable. During work hours there is time for fun, but also hard work and learning.
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