Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies implemented within Finaps. Explanations are given on what is understood by ESG and its pillars, what Finaps as a company contributes to it and how it can be used by Finaps employees.
To properly describe the application of ESG within the organisation, it is important to define what Finaps as an organisation understands by the term ESG. This chapter will elaborate on this.

Why ESG within Finaps

At Finaps, we believe that, as an organisation, we have a moral obligation to have a positive impact on the world around us. We therefore consider it essential to be progressive in this regard and to contribute to society and the environment. Because of this belief, we incorporate the philosophy of ESG throughout the organisation. How this is expressed and how employees can make use of it will be further elaborated.

What do we mean by ESG?
Above all, Finaps is a commercial organisation seeking financial progress. The main objective of the ESG policy is to strike a balance between these financial economic results, social interests in society and the environment.

To further describe our view on this topic, we will highlight the three pillars of ESG.
Minimise our environmental footprint.
Today, it is more important than ever to minimise our environmental footprint. That is why Finaps focusses on topics such as waste management and energy efficiency. By involving our ESG team in procurement processes and/or when looking for new suppliers, we have also embedded our sense of responsibility for the world around us in our business operations.

A concrete example of this is our choice of coffee supplier. Before purchasing a coffee machine, we had our ESG team research fair coffee, energy consumption and degree of recyclability.

Dealing with internal and external people in an inclusive, conscious, open, helpful and honorable manner.
The pillar 'Social' stands for dealing with internal and external people in an inclusive, conscious, open, helpful and honorable manner. The internal social structure requires an open and respectful attitude towards each other, in addition to diversity and integrity. It is also important to extend this attitude to customers and partners.

On top of this, we find it important to not only look inwards, but also outwards and contribute to social work, such as voluntary work. In this, employees are given certain freedoms and initiatives are organised to encourage the involvement of employees. Examples include giving language lessons to status holders, helping at the food bank, helping primary school children with challenging exercises, playing checkers with the elderly or helping organise a day trip for less fortunate children.
Enable everybody within Finaps to contribute.
To enable everybody within Finaps to contribute to ESG we not only give 5% of everyone's work time to spent on ESG initiatives. We also have a dedicted ESG group who bi-weekly sit to trully embed ESG in the way we act. In this setting we review the organisation and identify areas where we can improve and identify initiatives we can undertake as an organisation.
Finaps initiatives
As Finaps, we are continuous sponsor of KWF
We sponsor KWF, the Dutch Cancer Society (DCS). KWF is a nation-wide organisation for cancer-related (charity) work in the Netherlands.
Partner in education of Utrecht university of Applied Scienses
We are a partner in education of Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. We help the University of Applied Sciences with curriculum development and by giving lectures. In this way, we make a positive contribution to reducing the distance between education and business.