A debtors dashboard in which clients can see trends within their whole portfolio, detailed information per debtor, a working capital page in which their working capital metrics are shown
Their Challenge
ING Commercial Finance continuously wants to innovate, to provide the best client experience. They securely handle data regarding inventory, debtors and creditors of their clients. Their challenge is to create innovative products with a quick go to market. With the OptimizING tool they want to create a solution for a clear overview of a client's working capital situation. The tool has to combine and enrich internal and external data into one application. This way they can gain insight into accounts receivable and accounts payable portfolio. As a result, clients will experience ease, simplicity, flexibility, liquidity and efficiency. That will attribute to Customer loyalty and in the long run to a larger market share.
Our Solution
Together with ING we created a tool with multiple dashboards with the most important insights at a glance. The solution has intuitive navigation and consists of next level UX. Our Agile approach resulted in a close collaboration between IT and business. In six weeks time the Minimum Viable Product was ready in the form of a prototype. From there on the tool was further developed, based on feedback from clients. Now clients have more control over their portfolio and they get relevant insights.

The application is available on all devices. A dashboard gives insights into debtors within the portfolio. Clients get detailed information per debtor. There is a working capital overview with metrics (DIO, DSO, DPO & CCC). In a glance clients get insights into the influence of debtors. It contains a liquidity planner to calculate different loan scenarios. And finally the application has a alarming system that notifies which clients cross over set thresholds.
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