A tool to give ING Lease customers insight into their lease portfolio and allow them to make contract adjustments independently, quickly and easily to improve customer satisfaction and self-sufficiency
Their Challenge
By working closely with other ING business units, ING Lease is able to offer expert financial advice tailored to the specific needs of their clients. ING Lease is currently one of the top three leasing companies in the Netherlands and is active in various industries, including transport and logistics. ING Lease is focusing on leasing companies of vehicle and machinery fleets (large truck and cranes). They want to improve Customer Loyalty and offer even better services and thereby gain and retain greater market share. Their challenge is providing flexibility, efficiency, liquidity and insights to customers with a ING look and feel. Realized by linking multiple data sources, while remaining compliant and secure. The tool has to be able to identify and reduce financial risk. A fast go to market is required.
Our Solution
Together with ING Lease we created a cloud hosted web portal that gives insight into the lease portfolio of the client, ranging from high level to contract level, giving insights into the available space in relation to the agreements with ING. Our Agile approach resulted in a close collaboration between IT and business. In six weeks' time the Minimum Viable Product was ready in the form of a prototype. From there on ING was able to start a dialogue with their customers, from which new functionalities and possible improvements emerged. Finally the solution was implemented within ING's system landscape and architecture.

In short, the tool offers clients to manage existing lease contracts and gives clients insight into portfolio and liquidity. Also the portal makes possible for the clients to communicate with and getting help advice from ING.

The web portal provides dashboards showing the client's portfolio in one glance. Including contract overview, general statistics (sums, averages), contract details. The client is able to manage company details, to make changes to existing contract, to request the termination of an old contract, to sign a SEPA form to formalize any changes. Thereby the portal has communication and notification options.
Manage your holdings
All holdings can be managed. For each type of holding tweaking can be done. Choose which operating companies are linked to the holding, what users are linked and which account managers are linked to it.
Dashboards of Holdings
Take a look in the dashboards of that the holdings are working with. Check out the metrics per holding. How are they performing?
Request for a loan agreement
Clients can easily make a request for a loan agreement. In three steps the request is made. Step 1: How much loan for which objects? Step 2: Upload all the required documents (all invoices) Step 3: Pick duration and the desired final payment.

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