From Production Line To Party Time

As part of our ESG initiative, Finaps wanted to have the chance to give back in various charitable ways. Our latest venture saw us travelling to Rotterdam to help out for an afternoon with Jarige Job.
Conor Corey Meet Our Team
Business Engineer
Amsterdam, 09-2022

Jarige Job believes that every child in the Netherlands should be able to celebrate a fun birthday, regardless of income. Therefore, Jarige Job provides presents in birthday boxes to over 80,000 Dutch children every year. However, fulfilling all of these boxes requires a lot of assistance. So Finaps decided to lend some helping hands.

The Jarige Job office is like a magical wonderland for children, with all sorts of games, toys, books and snacks. For children who enjoy playing with the packaging rather than the present there is also an endless supply of cardboard.

Ever wondered what kind of adventures Elmo and The Incredible Hunk would have together? Well now your inner child can start to imagine, as you look at the life size models of various beloved characters who have been matched up in interesting dream teams.

Finaps had previously packed birthday box with Jarige Job in 2017. Only Rochus Meijer and Tim Pijl attended the previous event, so the newer team members needed a refresher course.

After a brief introduction to the story behind Jarige Job and a tutorial on how to correctly load the boxes every step of the way, each Finapser became a cog in a well-oiled packing machine. Beginning with box assembly, each item was carefully added one by one before the package was sealed, labelled and placed onto the wagons.

Any downtime was used to reload tape guns, restock items for easy access, or clean up the excess cardboard and plastic packaging materials.

After almost 2 hours and a lot of hard work, 280 boxes were assembled, filled, labelled, packed and ready to go.

80,000 boxes a year
Against the total number of 80,000 boxes that will be shipped this year, 280 might not seem like a lot. However, this number really highlights just how far Jarige Job goes to in helping a lot of deserving children.

Doing this requires A LOT of time, effort, money and manpower. It took almost 2 hours for 11 of us to complete 280 boxes, so this makes 80,000 an even more staggering number.

Therefore, we want to raise awareness of Jarige Job because it is such a worthwhile cause. This organization are looking for any help possible, whether it is through donations, sponsorships or volunteers who could spare some time to pack some gift boxes.

Any help, no matter how small, can make a huge difference to a child in the Netherlands. If you would like to know more about Jarige Job or to make a small but much appreciated contribution, please follow this link.

Thank you Jarige Job. for letting us help. We look forward to returning again sometime soon!
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